The Banadir Regional Administration has today presented it’s plans to develop the Capital city

The Mayor or Mogadishu & the Governer of the Banadir Region Hon. Abdirihman Omar Osman ( Eng. Yarisow) chaired a meeting with joint program for local Goverment.

The Governer of the Banadir Region thanks all the partners that worked in partnership with the Banadir Region Administration and gave up their valuable time. The Administration wants to improve civil service that reach all members of the community that live in the region. The human resource department of the Local Goverment will also work on new training iniatatives for the staff. The advancement of Local Goverment Legislation & the need to monitor work progress reports on a regular based regarding all department. More priority and attention will be given to the Department of Finance & Human Resource.

During the meeting the participants discussed the progresses report which was held the previous 4 months. The chair stressed the importance and the benefits to the Banadir Region Administration. The 2019 Administration development mandate was also discussed and the impact it will have on improving cervice delivery for all members of the community that live in Mogadishu.

The Mayor or Mogadishu has promised that his adminstration will work relentlessly to reach it’s development goals. The city initiatives and progress are intended to reach all sectors of society.

The participants of the joint meeting are as followed ; The Deputy Mayor, the Director General of the Local Goverment and all Local Goverment Directors. Five UN Representatives from all sectors of the United Nations that took part in the city development for the Local Goverment.

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