Weak people revenge; strong people forgive; intelligent people ignore.

Albert Einestein said it before:Weak people revenge; strong people forgive; intelligent people ignore.

This wisdom can’t be applied to a leader who was fired on twitter, who couldn’t be told about his firing or his post so that he can be fired with respect and respect.Personalism and planned killings are not forgiven, because they are not living with human beings.The two politicians are part of the refusal to change the constitution or to complete, because they have seen their interests from the roads which they are against the completion of the constitution.Politicians have been killed in the name of the government, and massacred Somali citizens buried in their shoes without any body, oppressed the rights of the Somali citizens, and the leaders with different opinions of the government, or they are badly violated their dignity and honor.Today, the person responsible for this crime does not deserve to be forgiven and imprisoned. He has to pay the price of the oppression he did with his hands.Somalis make the Somalis lie and talk that doesn’t exist, and they are the signs of hypocrisy, and at the same time make the Somali politicians lose hope.Avv. Khalif M Duale

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