Somali President meets SSC elders in Mogadishu

Mogadishu (HOL) – President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud welcomed traditional elders from Sool, Sanaag, and Ayn regions to the Presidential Palace in Mogadishu on Sunday night.

The traditional elders briefed the President on the latest development of the Las Anod conflict, and discussed finding a solution to the longstanding dispute between the SCC forces and the Somaliland army in the disputed town of Las Anod.

President Mohamud reaffirmed the government’s stance on seeking a peaceful resolution, emphasizing the Federal Government’s commitment to playing a constructive role in facilitating negotiations and ending the ongoing bloodshed.

The traditional elders expressed their gratitude to the federal government for its position regarding the fate of Sool and Sanaag. They shared their perspectives on the current situation, highlighting the challenges faced by the local population due to the prolonged conflict.

The delegation, consisting of esteemed elders such as Garad Jama Garad Ismail, Ugas Mohamud Ugas Abdilahi, Garad Abrisaq Garad Soofe, Garad Abdisalan Hassan Mohamed, and Sultan Mustafa Mohamud Awseed, received a warm reception upon their arrival at Aden Adde airport in Mogadishu on Sunday.

Sources indicate that the primary objective of their visit is to discuss the allocation and distribution of international aid to the troubled region. The federal government reportedly plans to directly transfer its share of assistance to the SCC committee present in the SSC (Sool, Sanaag, and Cayn) regions.

In the coming days, the traditional elders from the SSC regions will engage in discussions with federal government leaders and representatives from civil society, aiming to find effective ways to address the conflict and bring about much-needed stability and relief to the affected communities.



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