Somali minister praises Amir’s vision for Qatar’s development


Somalia’s Minister of Planning, Investment and Economic Development Gamal Mohamed Hassan said the talks between His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo were constructive.
The talks were held in a brotherly atmosphere which proves the trust and depth of the relations between Qatar and Somalia, he  said. Speaking to Qatar News Agency (QNA), the minister said the Somali president’s visit to Qatar is a reaffirmation of the continuous communication and consultation between the leaderships of both countries.
The minister highlighted the willingness of the two countries’ leadership to improve relations between Doha and Mogadishu in all fields. The minister said the talks were comprehensive and covered all bilateral, regional and international issues of common interest. This confirms a sincere desire and the political will to move forward for the benefit and interests of both countries and peoples, he added.

In addition, the minister praised the vision of His Highness the Amir, stating that under his leadership Qatar is moving in the right direction, steadily and confidently towards development, modernisation and growth.
The minister said the Amir is a friend of the Somali leadership and people, thanking him for his interest in Somalia and his support and assistance to its people. The Somali people are aware of this and thank the Amir and the Qatari people for their support, assistance and for standing by them, the minister said. He stressed that Qatar’s support to Somalia is clear and continuous in all fields adding that the future is promising for relations between the two countries.
The minister said Somalia is satisfied with Qatar’s support and with the Amir’s interest in the country, its development and the prosperity of its people.

With regard to Somalia’s vision of the Gulf crisis, the minister said Somalia is neutral, supports the Kuwaiti mediation and hopes for its success, calling for resolving the situation peacefully through dialogue and diplomatic methods.
The minister said the GCC states are brothers and they should sit at the negotiating table to resolve this crisis and any other differences.

He called for the establishing peace through negotiation and dialogue.
The Somali Minister of Planning, Investment and Economic Development Gamal Mohamed Hassan stressed the need to spare the region from any conflicts, and focus instead on the challenges the area faces, including terrorism represented by “Al Qaeda and the ISIS.”

On his views on the so-called Republic of Somaliland and its decisions and agreements, the minister said that “Somaliland” is part of the motherland, and that Mogadishu does not recognise any agreements and steps without the consent of the Somali federal government, in that regard, the Somali parliament rejects any agreements signed with any party.

Regarding the Somali government’s stance on the subject of the relocating the US embassy in Jerusalem, the minister said that his country’s stance is the similar to that of the Arab League and the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation.
In response to a question on the role of Somalia as a member of the Arab League, he said that the member-states should intensify their efforts to overcome the problems they face.

In response to a question on the internal affairs in Somalia, the minister said that things are improving and will be better.
He said that President Farmajo met the Somali community in Qatar and heard from the members their praise of and gratitude to Qatar, the leadership of Qatar and the people for their assistance, support and brotherly relations.
The minister stressed that the issue of sovereignty and territorial integrity and non-interference in the affairs of others is a priority of Somali politics.

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