How I spend my free time at university

By Phionah Nassanga

Hamuzatah Ngudde, Buganda Royal University
I think it is right if I defined myself as a party animal. The time one can enjoy most is at university because after there the hustle gets hard as responsibilities increase. Fridays and Saturdays are when I hang out the most. I’m one person who will not miss out on clubbing as long as I have some money on me. Even when it’s not on a Friday, I will hang out as long as I feel like, even if it means missing lectures the following day because of hangover. Life is short, who knows what the next day has in store for me?

Grace Nalukege, Buganda Institute 
Most of my time away from books and course work I spend trying to figure out how to become a good actress. I’m a good dancer who enjoys clubbing with friends and you will always get me around Ambiance, Amnesia and Club Play. Sometimes I may just choose to go to a bar as none of them charge entrance fee unless a specific performance has been scheduled for that night.

Sometimes we may just stroll from bar to bar which is a funny experience. I can as well choose to spend some weekends at the beach as I enjoy swimming and change of environment.

Vivian Nakayiza, Uganda Martyrs University, Rubaga
Even with the busy university schedule, I won’t say I do not find free time as I mostly love listening to music whether at home or at university. I practise singing with my elder brother. Away from that, I am a member of the Rubaga Cathedral Parish Youth Apostolate. I am at church between 6pm to 9pm every day attending to different activities.

Nuhu Mayinja Kiyini, Buganda Institute 
There is plenty of free time because it is not every day one is in for lectures. Life is about discovery as you will never know what is happening on the other side until a step is taken.

Personally, I love watching movies when I’m not hanging out with friends. I am in some Rotary club and we keep travelling while carrying out different activities. However, I still find time to catch up with friends in club every Sunday or hang by the pool side and have a few soft drinks. Being a Muslim, I do not drink beers.

Patience Nankwatsa, Ndejje University
Campus life is so tempting, especially when one feels they are free and can do anything without limitation. Personally, I am a born gain Christian and I prefer spending most of my free time in church. I am an at Life Power of God Mutungo. Participating in the Scripture Union at campus at 1pm daily is a great way for me to meet lots of other awesome young adults who share faith and beliefs similar to my own. If I am to spend time away from church then I do so with fellow born again Christians.

Cathy Achia, Kampala International University
During my first year, hanging out was the order of the day. I became a known client of clubs such as De Posh, 9 Degrees and Casablanca. I would rarely stay in the same venue for the entire night as I hopped from one club to another. However, today I spend more time on social media, only hanging out with my boyfriend for coffee or dinner as he stopped me from the idea of clubbing till morning.

Joan Asiimire, Makerere University
I am an introvert and I stay indoors most of the time watching movies or reading novels. Most of what I may call my free time is spent at work. One may say I’m anti-social, but actually I really value social connections and once in a while I go for a cup of coffee with friends.

Godfrey Kasenga, Uganda Martyrs University, Rubaga
At times it feels like I’m still in high school as I hardly find time to party with friends as I thought it would be. The university has strict rules with lectures following you most of the time, you are expected to be in the lecture room Monday to Friday as roll calls are made before and after.

Trust me; no one can miss out on lectures because after missing twice they will have to give the reason as to why they missed out. Despite the tight schedule, I still find time over the weekends to go for a movie after which I go clubbing with friends till the wee hours of the morning. By Monday morning I am sober to face another tough week.

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