Former Hirshabelle President: ‘Dark forces’ fuelling clan conflicts in recently-liberated areas

Beledweyne (HOL) – Former HirShabelle President Mohamed Abdi Ware has expressed worry over the renewed clashes in the Middle Shabelle area, urging the warring militias to stop fighting and assist the government and HirShabelle administration in the region’s ongoing liberation struggle.

Ware also expressed concern about the hasty withdrawal of joint security forces from Wabho in Galgaduud and the worsening of clan violence in areas recaptured from Al-Shabaab, blaming dark forces both within and outside the government for jeopardizing the fight against the Khawarij.

“After the withdrawal of the SNA from Wabxo, and the deterioration of clan fighting in Adale, it is clear dark forces in and outside government are jeopardizing the fight against the Khawaarij. Sad thing, it’s an open secret. It’s time to confront and end this group. Now!” he tweeted.

On November 12, members of the Abgal sub-clan militia clashed in the newly-liberated areas of the Adale district in Middle Shabelle. According to local reports, the fighting broke out over a land dispute.

Security experts have expressed alarm over the return of fresh clan hostilities in areas liberated from Al-Shabaab and worry that such conflicts could undermine the military offensive against Al-Shabaab.

On Sunday, the north-central Somali town of Wabho was taken over by Al Shabaab following the withdrawal of the Somali National Army and local Ma’awisley militia forces. The SNA had previously captured the village on November 9.

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