The 18th of December, 2018 was a sad day for Puntlanders and patriotic Somalis across the globe. That was the day, the satanic verses were proclaimed by the incumbent President of Puntland in his cursed bid for re-election – God forbid!!

President Abdiwali Gas, re-election event, Garowe, Puntland

Despite his crimes, announcing his bid for a second presidential term in a live televised audience, reminded me of some new form of unrivalled schizophrenic manner of thinking only comparable to George Orwell’s book of Nineteen Eighty Four (1984) cycle of events at OCEANIA, where words like ‘democracy’’ can bear two irreconcilable meanings, and such things as concentration camps and mass deportations can be right and wrong simultaneously.

In his doublethink speech, President Abdiweli was unsuccessfully preaching his audience to believe two contradictory truths at the same time. Just like in OCEANIA , in his Ministry of Truth, Abdiweli was desperately telling the people of Puntland that ‘’ WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH’’.

On the contrary, what the noble people of Puntland and Somalia in general saw, was just a replica of the evil character in OCEANIA, the enemy of the people flashing onto their screen, the primal traitor, the defiler of Puntland’s and Somalia’s purity, master of all treacheries and corruption, acts of sabotage, heresies, deviations, conman of gluttonic proportion and a Manchurian candidate delivering his evil gospel with a kind of senile silliness under the protection of his foreign paymasters. I must say, even before he completed his venomous speech, uncontrollable exclamation of rage were breaking out from all Puntlanders and Somalis everywhere. No way and how dare can he abuse our intelligence despite the horrific crimes he committed against Puntland during his five years in power!!

Moving on and in addition to the above, we will now document ten reasons why President Abdiweli is never fit to be re-elected as President of Puntland and why he is a danger to Puntland and Somalia as a whole:

1. He has miserably failed to deliver on any of his 2014 election pledges. These timing inconsistent pledges covered wide thematic areas but for the sake of brevity we shall name but a few like the security sector, public finance management reform, justice reform, civil servants reform and good governance. We all know the reality of these important sectors today and the pathetic plight of our institutions. Suffice to say, Puntland today is so downgraded technically and administratively due to corruption and maladministration, that it is fair to say that the emerging states like South West and Jubaland are doing better. We are talking about an Associate Professor of Economics who is an American citizen who prints fake Somali shillings at this age and time. How one with such a knowledge scoop so low is a question for post-modernist psychiatry!!

President Abdiwali presiding over his cabinet meeting, Garowe Puntland

2. We believe with every fibre of conviction, that the next president of Puntland must be a person with a track record and commitment to stamp out corruption and nepotism unlike President Abdiweli who introduced a new form of localized micro-corruption that has been nicknamed as Baho Aliyonis-sm to fleece and swindle the meager state resources. Baho Aliyonis is the micro sub-sub clan of President Abdiweli. Consequently, based on his obvious history, Abdiweli is not a person of integrity and honest leader and thus cannot be banked on to advance Puntland by exterminating corruption. On the contrary, his re-election amounts to expecting mosquitoes to eradicate malaria!!

3. From his political track record as a Prime Minister of the Transitional Federal Government and as the incumbent President of Puntland state, all evidence proves that Abdiweli is not a nationalist but a conman whose prime interest in politics is to milk wealth and power. The International Monitoring Group report of 2012 and Fartaag Consulting Firm report of 2012 and the many other international independent reports on his presidency exposed his true political colours when it comes to his appetite for corruption and negative nepotism.

4. His dismal failure and deliberate sabotage to enhance democracy and usher Puntland to one person one vote era despite his countless open declarations is indeed a true testimony that he believes in dictatorship and is a danger to democracy both locally and nationally.

5. This is the man who has historically ceded more land to the Somaliland secessionists than anyone else and has openly discriminated against the people of Sool, Sanaag and Galdogob by deliberating denying them their fair share of all the developmental projects. To add an insult to an injury, he recently visited Sanaag on his last dying days in power and laid foundation to a number of phantom projects to solicit their votes. The question is why visit Sanaag now when he last visited there in December 2013 on his previous campaign trail? Again, he recently forced his yes-cabinet to approve a new region for Taleh when there is not even an ambulance there. By the way, Taleh is only 90 KMs away from Garowe but obviously Abdiweli has no time for it as he is completely intoxicated with false power. In view of this, it will be self-defeating and suicidal for the noble people of Puntland to give five more years to this demagogue culture of political imbecility.

6. Abdiweli has economically destroyed Puntland through his culture of corruption transforming the once vibrant state to a visually bankrupt entity. The only real economic revolution we see in Puntland is his private financial transformation and enrichment and that of his bunch of professional thieves who surround him who thrive on abusing our deprived masses.

7. By all indicators coupled with his practice of political contradiction, Abdiweli loves chaos and thinks he is the smartest Puntlander to ever walk in this planet. Look at the quality of the people who surround him now. People like Abdiweli Indhaguran, a man who has been accused by UNDP on corruption charges has served as a minister for full five years, Abdirashid Hersi – the current fishery minister who is a guru on illegal fishing and trawling, Abdilahi Timocade – the interior minister who just resigned and announced that he is a vice-presidential candidate on Abdiweli’s ticket yet we all know his man has blood on his hands through inciting sub-clan violence in Sool region using state money. The list is endless.

8. Abdiweli is a habitual and pathological liar who cannot even be trusted with any public office at all levels. We don’t owe Abdiweli a debt as he has never done anything useful for our people.

9. Currently, Abdiweli is aggressively misusing state resources to create a political network to get back to power illegally through clan divisions and manipulations to rig the elections. This automatically disqualifies him for presidency.

10. This man belongs to the prison for the crimes he has committed against Puntland and Somalia in general. We must all join hands to ensure he gets his fair day in court both in Somalia and in the United States as an American citizen.


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