Former Somali president launches new political party

MOGADISHU (HOL) – Somalia’s former president on Sunday launched a new political party that he intends to use for the next presidential election which is scheduled to take place in the country by 2020.

The Launch of the Union for Peace and Democracy (UPD) by Hassan Sheikh Mohamud who will serve as the party’s interim chairman for the next six month before its members elect a new chairman next year comes as the country’s political parties have already started their political campaigns, showcasing how people would benefit under their rules if elected.

Speaking at the launching ceremony festooned with party flags and posters, Mr. Mohamud who had served as the Somali president from 2012 to 2016 before he was defeated in the 2017 election by the incumbent president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo said that his party would serve to promote democracy and peace across the country, hinting his intention to run again.

Two years before the election, Somali political leaders are already well delved into their campaigns, signaling the possibility of a touch contest by parties seeking to lead the horn of Africa nation.

With 80 members of lawmakers under its umbrella, the UPD party is expected to challenge with the ruling party in the next election which is expected to draw multiple political parties vying for the country’s presidency.

However, the violence-weary Somalis still harboured misgivings about the ability of their politicians to deliver on their promises have cautiously welcomed the launch of the new political party which will join a list of dozens of parties eligible for the upcoming election.

Somalia is expected to hold presidential elections in 2020, with dozens of candidates have already registered to run for the country’s top seat.

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