Keep off city affairs, Sonko tells Waititu on demolitions

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Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has asked his Kiambu counterpart Ferdinand Waititu, once a close ally, to keep off the city county’s affairs, particularly the ongoing demolition of buildings on riparian land.

Mr Waititu has been trending on social media for suggesting that instead of bringing down buildings worth billions of shillings, the Nairobi regeneration team should consider moving the river.

“If your house is near a river, you should be told to move the river at [your] own cost. Demolishing houses is not a solution. Honestly speaking, it’s such a big loss,” he said during a thanksgiving service for Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wah at Gikambura.

Mr Waititu’s comments, however, did not amuse Mr Sonko who on Tuesday also took to social media to fault his colleague.

“My good friend and colleague should concentrate on his county. He should know we don’t mix friendship with work,” Mr Sonko posted on Facebook.

“Nothing”, he said, will be spared if found to be on riparian land in the capital.

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“Even Weston [Hotel], my Buru Buru Casurina cocobeach plot, Taj Mall and many other buildings shall not be spared if found to be on riparian or public land,” said Mr Sonko.

The Nairobi County boss went even further, asking Mr Waititu to shed light on the status of a petrol station allegedly constructed on a grabbed public access road at the junction of Mihango and Njiru.

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