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Criss-crossing Europe, soaking up new cultures and grasping foreign languages are all rites of passage often associated with a backpacking adventure. But what if you could do all this whilst getting a world-class education? At ESCP Europe, these opportunities and more are there for ambitious business school students.

Since 1819, ESCP Europe has been the training ground for generations of students preparing to enter the world of management. Europe’s first business school continues to attract students from all around the world who are eager for an international undergraduate experience.

German native Ayleen, who is in the final year of the BSc Bachelor in Management course, ESCP’s only undergraduate degree, studied at the business school’s campuses in London, Madrid and Berlin.

“My favourite part of the bachelor programme was the community. We got to meet in London and we grew together as a group; we help each other out and all study together,” she says.

Apply for ESCP’s Bachelor in Management degree course starting in September 2018

The Bachelor in Management (BSc) provides students with the opportunity to study at three different campuses over the course of the three-year programme. With campuses in London, Paris, Turin, Berlin and Madrid, the programme is an all-encompassing business education with a focus on language skills, liberal arts and personal development.

The cutting-edge undergraduate programme was launched in 2015, with the first set of graduates due to complete their studies later this year. There are classes in study, methodological and research skills in addition to training and workshops to improve oral and communication skills.

Students can also step outside the business environment with subjects such as psychology and sociology that complement your newly acquired business acumen.

Key to the programme’s appeal is that it provides the best of both worlds by enabling students to experience intercultural management first hand in diverse European cities, while at the same time providing an immersive environment in which to learn or improve language skills.

“My advice to a new student at ESCP Europe would be to make the most of your experience. Go and discover new places! Talk to the locals, use your language skills and enjoy living in three different countries,” enthuses Ayleen.

Language, as well as personal development, are fundamental to the ethos of the Bachelor in Management (BSc) programme. The knock on effect of living and studying in different locations has been a positive one for Swedish native Erik Olsen, who also studied in London, Madrid and Berlin.

“I feel a change in a very positive way; I’ve become more open to myself and to other people and I am way better at creating relations,” says Erik.

He adds, “I am better at socialising because we have small classes, which gives you the opportunity to get to know people better and also you can talk to professors directly. These are aspects that for me are quite important for my future professional career.”

The truly international nature of the Bachelor in Management (BSc) programme keeps things fresh and engaging for the students.

Apply for ESCP’s Bachelor in Management degree course starting in September 2018

For example, all students are required to move to a new country each year and there are language lessons provided so students can get a better grasp of the local tongue of where they are currently living. Students can also get up to speed on the language of where they will study next.

With multilingual business professionals always in demand, the potential to become proficient in three new languages by the end of the course is one that is appealing to students such as Ayleen and Erik.

The meticulously designed curriculum ensures that the students can continue studying at the same school while simultaneously embracing a new lifestyle and culture in their adopted city.

Having got a taste of the international way of life, Erik Olsen intends to continue exploring once he graduates later this year from the Bachelor in Management (BSc) programme. And he attributes his new-found wanderlust to the educational experience he has gained over the last three years.

“I’ve applied for several internships all around the world from LA to New York, Mexico, São Paulo, London and Madrid. I think I have applied to all these places because ESCP (Europe) has really opened me up to travelling all over the world.”

This article was written by The Local Creative Studio and sponsored by ESCP Europe Business School.

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