Municipality of Mogadishu opens today National Competitive bid on rehabilitation of public service offices in 6 districts in Banadir.

Today’s session aims to publically open tenders from perspective contractors participating in a rehabilitation project for public service spaces being built in six districts namely, Abdiaziz, Shingani, Bondhere, Shibis, Hamarweyne and Wartanabada. The contractors, key municipal department directors, DCs of the six beneficiary districts and other observers have participated in the bid opening session. The tender invitation was publicised on 20th March, 2018 in wider and public advertisement media channels to attract highly competent local contractors.

This project purposes to decentralize the provision of public services at district level whereby the citizens will access to services such business and construction permits, birth and registration certificates. The project will bring these services closer to the citizens to make sure quality and equitable services for the public. The project will also reduce the unnecessary red tapes in the service provision in terms of accessibility and facilitation. It is expected that through the project, the municipality creates enabling environment for the growing business sector in Mogadishu to contribute efforts towards job creation and supporting small scale business in the city.

At the opening session, the Mayor/Governor of Mogadishu, Eng. Abdirahman Omar Osman expresses his gratitude and feeling towards the process of the procurement which shows transparency, competence, accountability and encouraging private sector through public private partnership. He emphasised and guaranteed the importance of handling the process in transparent and professional manner which can make all sides satisfied as per the municipal procurement guideline which is place. The Mayor concluded in his remarks that the municipality commits to take legal actions against any misconduct and unethical practices by the involved officers and contractor in the process of the procurement in line with the laws and regulations.

The municipality assigns especial committee for evaluating this bid to select the best bidder eligible for the award. The municipal procurement unit communicates that the process of evaluation and award of the contract will be finished at this weekend which is tentatively 8th April, 2018.

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