Video: Syria. Syria’s six-year long war has devastated all aspects of life...

Video: Syria. Syria’s six-year long war has devastated all aspects of life and left the country in ruins

Since the war in Syria began in March 2011, the country has been devastated.

Every aspect of life in the country has been touched by the destructive conflict. Throughout the 6 year long conflict, many religious minorities, such as the sizeable Christian population, have been subject to targeted attacks from extremists groups, such as ISIS and Jabhat Fateh al-Sham.

The war has left Syria’s infrastructure lying in ruins. In numerous areas across the country, running water, food and basic services, such as healthcare and electricity, are scarce.

Another aspect impacted by the war has been the devastation of the education system. Many schools are either out of service, overcrowded or in the crossfire. It is estimated that school enrolment throughout the country has dropped by more than 50%. This lack of educated youth and the untold damage to the education system will present huge challenges to Syria’s reconstruction.

In addition to not receiving adequate education, medical professionals believe that many children will suffer from psychological issues stemming from their experiences growing up during the harsh war environment.

Furthermore, many children have been forced to find jobs to support their families.

“I should be in the eighth grade in school. I left my studies two years ago to help my family with money, although I was clever in school. My father lost his job; now my brother is in Turkey to help my family with money,” said a young boy who was forced to join the workforce to alleviate his families dire economic situation.

An estimated 11 million people have been displaced, including 6.5 million people as internally displaced peoples (IDPs) within Syria including 2.8 million children. Many of the IDPs live in camps that lack basic services.

For those caught in the conflict, life has been virtually aborted. Many hope for an end to the war so that they may resume their lives and rebuild their towns and neighbourhoods from the destruction brought upon them by the destructive war.

Source: alshahid