Zebra crossing in Mogadishu now

Zebra crossing in Mogadishu now

Mogadishu(SONNA)-Pedestrians in the capital Mogadishu for the first time in decades use Zebra Crossing at the main useful road in the town after a youth supported by Benadir regional Administration introduced this form, SONNA reported.

The youth is namely (Ubaxa Casimada) meaning the city flower and they are voluntarily working to make positive changes and turn the city into beautiful one.


Ubaxa Casimada has planted flowers at Maka Almukarma road divider and carried out paints for Zebra crossing in which people will be able to cross the way without the threat of cars.

There are also another cameramen who are displaying the attractive photos from the capital Mogadishu out of it through the social media. These cameramen use #photosagaisnt terror and #Muqdishadayda.

More awareness on applying and keeping road rules are very important and it is also very good to encourage both teams working for making better change here in Mogadishu as terrorists militants are working vice versa.