Galmudug State shows concerns over how some politicians face electoral process

Galmudug State shows concerns over how some politicians face electoral process

Adado(SONNA)-The Federal State of Galmudug is deeply concerned about the emergence of few elements, with the aim to hindering the 2016 national electoral process.

The 2016 Election and its process are merely based on the interim constitution and the legal binding agreements between the Federal Government of Somalia and the Federal States, with the blessing of the international community.

The selection of the State Independent Electoral Process in Galmudug, has fully met all the necessary measures, according to the inclusivity and full representation of Galmudug State. It’s very sad to see some politicians who failed to make into the list to start incitement with the aim of causing conflict and disagreements in the society.

It has been a norm in Somalia’s political transition, to have elements who turn to be spoilers, when they are left out legally in any selection process, and then causing hindrance to the state formation process. The policy of Galmudug Federal State of Somalia is to serve the whole population of the region without partisan, and encourages all politicians to practice clean and health democracy in their bid of grabbing political positions in state and federal levels.

Therefore, we call upon the Federal Government of Somalia, UNSOM and the International Community to note this disturbing development in which few selfish elements want to care for their interest first, instead of the interest of the region and the country. END